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LanPoE PoE Switches

High Power PoE Switches

NDAA Compliant Network Switches optimized for IP intercoms, access control, door phones, and more.

Featuring gigabit uplink ports, PoE+ and PoE++, extended distance, V-Lan mode, watchdog function and so much more.

2 Wire IP Solutions

Discover the power of our 2-wire IP converters, transforming your communication systems. Elevate your connectivity with our innovative solutions, and step into the future of secure and efficient data transmission.

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LanPoE 2 Channel Web Relay

2 Channel Web Relay

Experience the capabilities of our 2-channel web relay with PoE and Wifi, optimizing your connectivity solutions. Enhance your network performance with our advanced technology and enter a new era of dependable and efficient data relay.

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We’re not just about PoE switches; we’re about fostering seamless connections and innovation. Discover how we empower your communication solutions with cutting-edge technology and a passion for connectivity.

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